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Made to Fit

  • Wedding, formal and prom dresses

  • Business suits

  • Tuxedos

  • Blazers


  • Patch work

  • Damage repairs and alterations

Applique Embroidery

  • At your request

  • Damage repairs and alterations


Custom Designs

  • At your request

Leather Repairs
Tailoring and Alterations
Custom Tuxedo
Custom Wedding Dresses


  • Pant, jean, and jacket hem (or cuff hem)

  • Lengthen hem

  • Shorten or lengthen sleeves

  • Add or remove pockets

  • Various tapering techniques for pants, sleeves, shirts, etc.

  • Lower or widen shirt collar

  • Expand or contract arm hole

  • And much more


  • Mend holes

  • Change / add / remove zipper

  • Button replacements

  • Leather, applique and wool


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